MOWING - Our basic mowing service includes a weekly mowing with trimming
around trees and edges and then blowing off the sidewalk and driveway. 

We use only commercial grade mowers and recycle all grass clippings back into
the lawn which helps retain moisture and cycles nitrogen back into your lawn.

DETHATCHING - Thatch is made up of dead organic matter from your lawn.   Thatch up to 1/2 inch is beneficial, but more than that starts impeding water, air and fertilizer from reaching the roots. 
We use a special rake-like tool that loosens and cuts the excess thatch and brings it to the surface so it can be swept up and removed.  Dethatching is a labor intensive and very time consuming job.  It is well worth the price to have this done in the early spring to ready your lawn for the growing season.  Fertilizer can be applied directly after this process.

CORE AERATION - Over time your lawn can become compacted keeping much needed air, water and fertilizer from penetrating the soil. 

The mechanical process of aeration pulls 2-3 inch plugs from the turf to allow nutrient exchange.  Aeration is recommended in the late summer through fall and overseeding can be done at this time to repair damaged areas and thicken the turf.  All sprinkler heads, tree roots
etc. that you do not want hit by the aerator must be flagged before work is done.

SHRUB TRIMMING/PRUNING - Shrubs, with their endless variety, greatly
add to your yard's appearance.  Like grass, shrubs need special care in order to
maintain that healthy look. To ensure healthy growth, shrubs should be trimmed/
pruned on a regular basis and at certain times of the season depending on the type.

One of our specialties is knowing when to trim and how much to trim off at a time. 
Our service also includes a cleanup after the trimming is complete.

SPRING/FALL CLEANUPS -  Lawn cleanups are an important part of turf maintenance.  Leaves and debris should be removed from turf and landscaped areas to discourage pest damage and deterioration of grass. 

Our service includes leaf removal and disposal, and if needed, foundation blowout.  We start spring cleanups as soon as it is dry enough on turf areas to handle the equipment and fall cleanups until it snows.
LAWN EDGING - Over time, as lawns grow, it can build up a few inches over sidewalks, curbs driveways and patios.  This build up can be removed by edging which gives the lawn a well manicured look.  Edging can be done anytime.

SNOW PLOWING - We plow residential and small commercial lots.  Shoveling is extra.

LIGHT LANDSCAPING - For that small landscaping job that you don't have time to complete yourself, whether it be refreshing your mulch in your landscaping, planting shrubs or bushes, or adding dirt to your lawn, we can help!  If you are the "do it yourself" type and just need mulch, dirt, or shrubs delivered to your driveway, we can do that too.

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