We Are Licensed in the State of Minnesota for the Application of :

- Fertilizer
- Pesticide
- Herbicide

Example of Basic Fertilizing Program:

Step 1 - Crabgrass Prevention with Fertilizer
Step 2 - Weed and Feed
Step 3 - Fertilizer
Step 4 - Winterizer
Step 5 - (Optional) Gypsum Lime (For soil conditioning)

NOTE:  Not every lawn is the same.  This program can vary from lawn to lawn depending on the condition of the turf.

We will customize a program to your lawns specific needs.

**Price depends on the lot size and lawn condition.**

Ralph Howes Lawn Service, LLC...

Uses only the best in commercial grade fertilizing products.  A fertilizing program is only as good as the person that applies the fertilizer.  Ralph is complete and thorough to ensure the best possible results and is knowledgeable on all aspects of lawncare.

For questions please call:
email me